We were extremely impressed by the 7 submissions that we received in response to our competition and warmly congratulate all who took part. The following results need to be read against a background in which a number of teams found the going a bit too hard and withdrew.

Two excellent submissions stood out as potential winners in a very close field and in our view both merited being declared overall winner. So, we have decided to award 2 first prizes and then 2nd and 3rd prizes and Merit Awards.

The awards are:

First Prizes of £1000 each:
Oaklands Catholic Sixth Form College (Capital Connect) & Abingdon School (Interport)

Second Prize of £750:
Portsmouth College (London Airport Rapid transit Solution)

Third Prize of £500:
Abingdon School (Daedalus) (Aerolink)

Merit Awards of £250 each:
Havant College (Team Woods), Therfield School & Havant College (Team Welsh)

We offer many congratulations to the prize winners for their outstanding efforts and thoroughly well-deserved prizes. We also strongly commend the winners of Merit Awards.

[Merit Awards are given to teams who complete the competition submission and satisfy the judges that they have understood the components of the competition, carried out diligent research and presented an intelligent and well thought out solution. Teams meeting this standard can be proud of their achievement and are recognized by the judges as fully deserving of an award]

Submissions together with the announcement of prizes will be published later today on the ‘’. Go to A2A Competition, ‘Submissions’.

The very high quality of the submissions has made it a pleasure for us to run this competition and we eagerly look forward to the next one starting later this year.

In the meantime we would like to meet the teams to offer direct congratulations, provide a little feedback, to answer any questions and to present certificates. We are contacting schools separately to try to arrange this.

Richard Blott
Charles Matthews

2nd May 2017.