BMC General

Blott Matthews Challenge (‘BMC’) is an unincorporated association funded and supported solely by Richard Blott and Charles Matthews (‘the Sponsors’)

Its object is to stimulate interest in engineering and science through competitions (‘the Competition(s)’) at sixth form level in schools and colleges.

BMC does not (and does not intend to in the future) receive any income from third party sources and does not accept donations.

It is intended to procure the voluntary services of suitably qualified persons to assist in the preparation and conduct of the Competition(s).


Intellectual Property

The Sponsors own all intellectual property rights (if any) in the name ‘Blott Matthews Challenge’ and ‘BMC’ and in the structure, content and design of the competitions.

Except as stated in the previous paragraph, participating schools and colleges (‘the Participants’) own all rights in any submissions made in connection with the Competitions (‘the Submission(s)) subject to any third party rights’.


BMC is entitled to publish or allow to be published any Submission providing the relevant Participant is clearly identified as owner of the Submission and any revenue arising is paid direct to the said Participant less any reasonable costs incurred by BMC in so publishing (which may be audited by the Participant upon demand). Where more than one Submission is published in the same publication, the Sponsors shall at their sole discretion determine the division of any revenue between participants.

Nothing stated herein shall prevent any Participant publishing its Submission provided always that BMC is credited with organizing and promoting the competition giving rise to the Submission.

Competition Rules and Results

BMC shall determine at its sole discretion, the process and requirements applicable to Competitions and who may be invited to participate in them.

BMC may deem it necessary during the course of a Competition, to change the process and / or requirements and may do so at its sole discretion providing always that it promptly notifies the Participants and explains the reasons for such change.

The conduct and result of any Competition shall be determined at the sole discretion of BMC and no challenge to its determinations will be admitted or considered.


BMC intends to conduct its Competitions in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. However noting that it is a non-revenue earning, non-income receiving association (except inasmuch as the Sponsors provide personal support with finance and services), then to the fullest extent permitted by law, BMC and the Sponsors exclude all liability whatsoever to Participants whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any losses or damages including without limitation direct, indirect or consequential losses or damages. This provision does not apply to claims arising in respect of death or personal injury.

Participants shall indemnify and hold harmless BMC and the Sponsors from any losses, damages, costs and expenses which they may incur as a result of any wilful or negligent acts or omissions by any of their staff, students, agents or representatives.

Deemed Acceptance

By participating in a Competition, Participants are deemed to have accepted these Rules and agree to abide by the process and requirements of the said Competition.